Sarah Forrest, 2009 – 2010 Master of Fine Art (Distinction), 1999 – 2003 Degree of Bachelor of Arts in Fine Art (First Class Honours)

Job Title:

PhD Research Student


School of Fine Art


Sarah Forrest April (Video still)

Sarah Forrest April (Video still)


Sarah Forrest,

What is Seen, What is Said to be Seen: Exploring doubt as a critical tool within artist’s moving-image practice.

Supervisors: Dr Susannah Thompson, Dr Sarah Neely, Torsten Lauschmann

What is Seen What is Said to be Seen considers the ways in which doubt might operate as a critical tool within artists’ moving image. It is a practice led PhD that brings together writing, filmmaking and performance as methods to explore and as modes to present this subject.

Negotiating doubt within my own creative practice is an ongoing process. I linger in a state of uncertainty, at times following no more than my own intuition. I perform actions such as filming, editing, reading across multiple texts, note-taking and re-writing without knowing what these activities might result in.

Uncertainty within the creative process, however, is not the focus of my research.

My research instead considers the spaces created by and within a piece of work where doubt or narrative uncertainty might operate as a trait or affect within artist’s film and art writing.