Marcus Jack - MLitt Curatorial Practice (Contemporary Art), The Glasgow School of Art MA (Hons) English Literature & History of Art, University of Glasgow

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PhD Research Student


School of Fine Art


‘and everything crooked will become straight’, screening programme, 2016. Photo: Ivaylo Andreev.

‘and everything crooked will become straight’, screening programme, 2016. Photo: Ivaylo Andreev.


Marcus Jack -

Mapping a History for Artists’ Moving Image in Scotland

Supervisors: Dr Sarah Smith, Dr Sarah Neely (University of Stirling), Nicole Yip (Director, LUX Scotland)

This research project investigates the significant narratives in the history of artists’ moving image (AMI) in Scotland since the mid-1960s. Acknowledging the absence of comprehensive critical and historical research, the project seeks to identify and analyse this history’s key custodians; map exhibitions, funding schemes, supporting organisations / institutions, and networks; and, contribute an assessment of the forms, subjects, presentation, and distribution methods which are particular to Scotland. The project understands cultural production through its power structures and asks how a social art history methodology, using archival and interview-based research, might address gaps in institutional and scholarly attention towards the development of local, ephemeral art practices such as moving image production.

Selected Publications

• “Dark Chambers, Fever Dreams: Artists’ Moving Image and the Gothic Landscape,” MAP Magazine, #48: Together We Will Have A Lot of Fun (Glasgow, 2018)
• “Flashing Green: Notes on Post-Nature, the 11th Taipei Biennial,” Videoclub (2018)
• “‘DO YOU REALLY JUST WANT TO BE PART OF A BAND?’: Notes from the 14th Berwick Film & Media Arts Festival,” MAP Magazine, #47: The Body is a Fiction (Glasgow, 2018)
• Curatorial Studio, Living Out Ideas (Glasgow: Good Press, 2016)
• [Ed.] SAOTHAIR (Glasgow, 2016)
• [Ed.] and everything crooked will become straight (Glasgow, 2016)
• [Ed.] The Economy Experience (Glasgow, 2015)
• “Cathedral-Factory,” UJAH (Vancouver: University of British Columbia Press, 2014)
• [Ed.] Groundings, Vol. 7 (Glasgow: GU Dialectic Society, 2014)
• “Traditions of Reaction,” Groundings, Vol. 6 (Glasgow: GU Dialectic Society, 2013)

Selected Curatorial Projects

• The Territorial Sea, Document Film Festival, Glasgow (2018)
• Beyond Cataclysm, Tyneside Cinema, Newcastle (2018)
• How to Thrive, CCA Glasgow (2018)
• Amie Siegel: DDR/DDR, Goethe-Institut Glasgow (2018)
• Soft Cells, Glasgow Short Film Festival (2018)
• Uncanny Loop, Glasgow Film Theatre & CCA Glasgow (2017)
• Lutz Mommartz: the breath of the sheep and the sea is infinitely beautiful, CCA Glasgow (2017)
• SAOTHAIR, ATLAS, Portree, Isle of Skye (2016)
• and everything crooked will become straight, Glasgow Short Film Festival (2016)
• The Economy Experience, The Pipe Factory & CCA Glasgow (2015)
• The only way to do it is to do it, Hunterian Art Gallery, Glasgow (2015)