Victor Portela , BEng Computer Science, MEng Computer Systems, PG Cert High Education Learning & Teaching

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PhD Research Student






Victor Portela

Investigating novel interaction and visualisation methodologies for X Reality environments with a focus on anatomical and pharmaceutical datasets

Primary Supervisor:Prof. Paul Chapman
Co-Supervisor: Prof. Steve Love

In the last five years, Mixed Reality (XR) technologies have matured, reaching a point where they are accessible to most people. In consequence, the software needs to be on par with this progress and enable the users to take full advantage of the technical advances. The main characteristic of XR is the ability to simulate the experience a person would feel in real life in a virtual world. This project seeks to explore new ways to interact with virtual environments and their elements to improve the overall engagement.

The first stage of the PhD project will identify the different ways of interaction in XR environments available nowadays.

Assess the effectiveness and efficiency of these interaction styles in order to develop a new, more effective XR interaction methodology.

The project will compare the developed interactions and methodologies against pharmaceutical dataset. A secondary dataset of human anatomy will then be used to investigate cross disciplinary effectiveness of the new interaction methodology.

This PHD project seeks to answer, among others, the following research questions:

Are the current ways of XR interaction effective when manipulating virtual objects that belong to different datasets?

Are these systems intuitive and easy to understand by novice users?

Is user experience dependent on context?

• iSenseVR: bringing VR exposure therapy outside the laboratory (2019) Matthieu Poyade, Glyn Morris, Ian C. Taylor, Victor Portela
• Using mobile virtual reality to empower people with hidden disabilities to overcome their barriers (2017) Matthieu Poyade, Glyn Morris, Ian C. Taylor, Victor Portela