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The Glasgow School of Art has an extensive student and staff exchange programme with about 75 of the worlds leading Art, Design and Architecture schools. These partnerships have been built up over a number of years through academic relationships and collaborations and extend to all corners of the world. Students must apply to the School through a specific exchange application process, and must be studying at a registered exchange partner.

Our exchange partners can be found here:

Exchange Partners microsite

Exchanges happen in all our Schools and will generally last for one semester. In some instances Architecture, Product Design Engineering and the European Master of Product Design exchanges can last for up to one academic year.

The deadline for admission to an Exchange Programme for incoming students is 1 May. This will be strictly adhered to due to the large number of applicants received each year.

Outgoing students are required to submit their application for exchange through the School's International Office betore the time specified on Canvas. (Usually mid-day on the Friday of week 14 of Semester 1)

Exchange students pay their tuition fees to the home institution while on exchange however they are responsible for organising and paying for their own accommodation. The Student Welfare Office at the GSA can advise incoming students on where to find suitable accommodation.

Students participating in an exchange placement benefit in many ways, not least increasing their employability once they have graduated. Contacts made during exchanges have resulted in life-long friendships being established.

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