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Scottish Graduate School for Arts & Humanities PhD Scholarships

Applications for this scholarship with GSA as the host institution have now closed. Scholarship info for Sept 2024 entry will be advertised in Oct 2023.

Please note, you can apply to the PhD programme at GSA at any time before 30 June 2023 for Sept 2023 entry but will not be eligible for this scholarship after Nov 2022.

The Glasgow School of Art is part of a consortium of ten Higher Education institutions in Scotland which has been awarded funding from the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) to support postgraduate doctoral studentships and training.

Eligibility: You must have an offer of a place on our PhD programme in order to apply for this studentship. While you can apply for a place on our PhD programme at any time, in order to apply for this specific funding stream you must have applied to GSA by Friday 25 Nov 2022 by 12 noon at the very latest and be able for interview via Zoom in the week of Monday 5 December 2022.

The studentships are being awarded as part of the Doctoral Training Partnership (DTP) scheme, which forms part of the wider Scottish Graduate School for Arts & Humanities (SGSAH).

Further details of the Doctoral Training Partnership are available here:

Under the Doctoral Training Partnership (DTP) scheme, the consortium - comprised of The Glasgow School of Art, Royal Conservatoire of Scotland and the Universities of Aberdeen, Dundee, Glasgow, Highlands and Islands, Edinburgh, St Andrews, Stirling and Strathclyde will consider applications for doctoral studentship awards in the majority of Arts and Humanities subjects.

Postgraduate research candidates applying for admission to The Glasgow School of Art (GSA) may be eligible for a studentship from the AHRC. GSA has a vibrant research community reflecting the diverse expertise of its members and the disciplines it brings together. It encourages applications from applicants who have research interests aligning with (or across) GSA's five Schools:

  • The School of Fine Art
  • The School of Design
  • The School of Simulation and Visualisation
  • The Mackintosh School of Architecture
  • The Innovation School

Are you eligible?

Successful candidates will typically hold a relevant First Class Honours degree (such as BA, BMus, BSc, MA) and preferably a similar calibre of Masters degree (or equivalent relevant professional experience if you have been out of education for more than five years). There is further information on eligibility at:

The application process

Stage 1

To apply for the AHRC DTP Studentship, you must first apply for admission for an eligible PhD programme of study at GSA.  You must make your PhD programme application in full by Friday 25 November by 12 noon at the very latest (the earlier the better).

Please ensure that all supporting documentation (e.g. research proposal, references, transcripts etc.) are uploaded with your application. It is also important that you make clear on your application that you intend to apply for AHRC DTP studentship under the 'Funding' section. This will allow us to track the progress of your PhD application alongside your AHRC DTP studentship application and ensure these are processed in time for consideration within the tight selection timescale.

Incomplete applications will not be considered.

AHRC DTP studentship applications that do not have a matching PhD programme application will not be considered.

Please note that GSA is closed between Friday 16 December 2022 and Monday 9 January 2023. If you would like to discuss your application with potential supervisors, or have any enquiries you wish to discuss with the PhD Co-ordinator in the School to which you are applying, please do so well before the Winter closure.

Stage 2

Applicants must then complete and submit the SGSAH scholarship application by email to the Research Office at by no later than Monday 9 January 2023 by 12 noon. Applications received after this date will not be considered.

The AHRC DTP studentship application form and guidelines can be downloaded from the SGSAH website:

Please refer to the AHRC DTP studentship application guidance and complete each section of the application form as instructed.

Please note that the Institutional Statement of Support and Nominating Member of Staff details are not required at this stage.

The GSA Selection Panel will meet in early January 2023 to select applications to go forward to the SGSAH for consideration.

Applicants will be notified by late January 2023 if they have been selected to go forward to the SGSAH AHRC studentship selection panels.

The SGSAH marking criteria for AHRC DTP Studentships will be used by the GSA Selection Panel. The Panel will rank the applications in relation to the criteria outlined in the AHRC DTP guidance on the SGSAH website

Stage 3

If selected / shortlisted by GSA, you and your potential/proposed Primary PhD supervisor will be requested to work up the AHRC studentship application form and Institutional Statement of Support.

The AHRC studentship application must be submitted as an online version through the SGSAH Portal, along with 3 PDF documents - the Institutional Statement of Support, a copy of your conditional/unconditional PhD offer and the transcript(s) of your previous qualifications.

The SGSAH Portal will be open for the first two weeks of February 2023.

The SGSAH Panels will then consider the applications as per the review process outlined on their website. Final results will be announced by the SGSAH by April / May 2023.

Any questions?

If you have an academic enquiry or questions about this process please contact the relevant School PhD Co-ordinator for the programme for which you wish to apply:

The School of Fine Art - Dr Laura Guy -

The School of Simulation and Visualisation - Prof. Steve Love -

The Innovation School - Prof. Lynn-Sayers McHattie -

The School of Design - Dr Elizabeth Hodson -

Mackintosh School of Architecture - Dr Dave Loder: