Roba Al Garny , MArch

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PhD Research Student


Mackintosh School of Architecture



Grasshopper Script

Grasshopper Script


Roba Al Garny

The Use of Advanced Computing Technologies and Patterns to Investigate the Design of Public Squares in Saudi Arabia - An Inquiry into the Role of Digital Media and Generative Patterns Design in public square architecture in Saudi Arabia

Primary Supervisor: Dr Raid Hanna
Co Supervisor: Dr Luca Brunelli

My research will investigate the role of digital media and Generative Patterns in the design of public square architecture in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia using the Islamic geometric patterns as algorithmic templates for design inputs.

Further, the research aims to examine the feasibility of using Islamic geometric patterns in architecture as an aesthetic element and as a functional device for exploring user/space relationships. The thesis seeks to explore the potential of advanced design computation techniques to document one of the most important cultural elements of Saudi Arabia's heritage, i.e., the public square. There may also be an argument for the positive role the 'visual' dimension of digital media can play in establishing a significant public square in locations with historical value and importance. The thesis will engage with producing design 'guides' for a new public square for one region, which will serve as a landmark for the region's culture by Using design programs and cultural-related inputs for the algorithmic scripts.

The thesis will envisage the deployment of innovative applications of 3D Digital technologies using generative software such as Grasshopper to create geometric patterns for algorithmically based design and Rhino for general NURBS CAD Modelling.