Aya Elesawy , Bachelor of advertising (excellent with honor), Master in applied arts/advertising

Job Title:

PhD Research Student


School of Simulation and Visualisation



Interactive outdoor ad

Interactive outdoor ad


Aya Elesawy

Investigating new methods of targeted advertising in extended reality (XR)

Primary Supervisor: Prof. Paul Chapman
Co-Supervisor: Prof. Steve Love

XR refers to extended reality. It is an umbrella term for all technologies that mix real and virtual worlds including augmented, virtual, and mixed reality technologies. The world becomes the user interface, and that’s why we need to make sure that this interface is properly customized.

This study contributes to the advertising literature in two ways. First, the study advances our understanding of extended reality advertising and it’s fundamentals of design. Second, my study asks Can existing advertising techniques be applied to these new technologies (XR)?

Brands are increasingly implementing XR in their marketing strategies, but this is not evidence-based, so we need to investigate those questions in order to have an effective adverts within XR.