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The course was set up in 1995 as a jointly taught course with a Joint Board, leading to the Civil Engineering with Architecture degrees of The University of Glasgow, B.Eng (in four years) or M.Eng (in five years).

Objective of the course

To provide the students of engineering with an appreciation of how architects design, to give them a grounding for future collaboration in practice.

To engage with methods and procedures used in the design process, particularly through the use of analytical, observational and design drawings, CAAD, and physical modelling.

To encourage appreciation of the terms and concepts used in architectural and design discourses and a sensitivity to the culture and traditions of architecture and design.

Programme Leader
Alan Hooper B.Arch(Hons), M.Arch, FHEA

Programme Overview

The Mackintosh School of Architecture provides teaching input to students of engineering as part of their degrees in Engineering with Architecture at the University of Glasgow Department of Civil Engineering, enabling access for students to a wide range of creativity, knowledge, and expertise.

Teaching takes place in the studios at the Mackintosh School, working through simulation on set studio design projects, similar to and sometimes in parallel with architecture students, with the encouragement to allow integrated proposals to emerge.

Students present their studio work for review by a group of their peers, staff and invited critics. The studio staff give a formative assessment at the reviews and a summative assessment on the portfolio of work at the end of the session, with continuous feedback from tutorials. It is important to recognise the value of this teaching and learning process, and to positively engage with it.

All portfolios are externally moderated by an independent external examiner, when students' performance is considered in relation to national standards i.e the work of students studying in comparable course in other institutions. Students are judged on the understanding they display, evidence of enquiry and commitment to learn.

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