Joining Friends of GSA not only helps you support GSA students, but gives you access to a range of social events and exclusive preview tickets to Degree Show and other priority events. To join contact for an application form.

Friends of GSA benefits

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Members of Friends of GSA have a range of benefits including:

  • Early access to the incredibly popular annual Degree Show, one of the biggest arts events in the city. The opportunity to view the work in relative calm is invaluable.
  • External membership of the superb GSA library at half the annual rate
  • Invitations to Private Views of exhibitions, talks and events
  • The chance to participate in day trips and visits to a wide variety of establishments which often allow access to buildings not normally open to the general public
  • An invitation to an exclusive Friends' Private View of the Silversmithing and Jewellery students' Christmas sale of work.


Interested? Contact for an application form.