Following a major fire in the Mackintosh Building on the 15 June 2018, The Glasgow School of Art visitor centre, shop and exhibition spaces in the neighbouring Reid building are currently closed to visitors.

GSA’s Archives and Collections, including the School’s recognised collection of original Mackintosh Furniture, were moved out of the Mackintosh Building after the 2014 fire and are therefore unaffected by the 2018 fire. 

All the works made in response to the 2014 fire (including reconstructed Library lights, reproduction furniture and clocks) were also located elsewhere, and are unaffected by the 2018 fire. Some plaster casts were housed in the Mackintosh Building, however until access is restored and a forensic investigation has taken place, it cannot be confirmed what has been lost.

GSA’s Archives and Collections centre at the Whisky Bond can accommodate visitors and answer any enquiries regarding holdings. To make an appointment or enquiry, please email or telephone 0141 566 1418.