Our Research Culture

Our research culture is founded on the principles of integrity, partnership and inclusivity. 

We are home to a vibrant and collegiate researcher community, grounded in peer mentoring and support. We are committed to developing leadership at every career stage to ensure the sustainability of our research environment and we foster an inclusive culture where we learn together and from one another.

Our research spans the disciplines of creative practice and theory. Much of our research is interdisciplinary and connected to our themes of excellence: Sustainable Environment and Economies; Cultural Landscape and Identity; History Heritage, Archives and Collections; and Health and Care

As a small specialist institution, we value our networks and working in partnership with others to develop impactful research. We have a long history of successful collaborations with many national and international higher education institutions, and with organisations in the public,  private and third sectors.

At the heart of everything we do is a desire to connect through partnership and we actively engage our student body and the public with our research through a dynamic, participatory programme of exhibitions, outreach, talks and events.