21/10/14 15:55 GSofA (Glasgow School Art):

Now showing: Café Concrete, work made by MFA alumna Tessa Lynch whilst in residence at @GSSGLASGOW http://t.co/uwzhJ3709A #GSAalumni

21/10/14 15:10 GSofA (Glasgow School Art):

RT @hello_hand: Work from the @GSofA Communication Design course is now up in the gallery! @gsaviscom @GSAComDes14 Take a look here—http://…

13/10/14 23:21 GSAExhibitions (GSA Exhibitions):

RT @RealifersRoss: DoingStevenCampbell LectureCCA Wed.With NeilMulholland DavidHarding EllisLuxemburg JimColquhoun RebeccaGordon-Nesbitt ht…

13/10/14 17:01 GSAExhibitions (GSA Exhibitions):

@JamieSansbury @dasobject We are working on getting a new home for NOW SING

21/10/14 11:37 GSALibrary (GSA Library+Archives):

CRW Nevinson's powerful war art @mcrartgallery View his Great War portfolio in our special collections http://t.co/RFqUyLlTsN

21/10/14 11:29 GSALibrary (GSA Library+Archives):

@GSofA alumni Muirhead Bone's war art @mcrartgallery. View his Western Front drawings in our special collections http://t.co/8YKMWQc4uB

The GSA seeks architect-led design team to restore “The Mack”:

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Temporary roof lifted on to the Mackintosh Building:

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