24/04/14 10:39 GSofA (Glasgow School Art):

@GSofA Media Centre: International experts gather at the GSA for Crafting the Look... http://t.co/u1lawFP4Rv #gsapressrelease

24/04/14 9:31 GSofA (Glasgow School Art):

RT @gsastyling: Welcome to Crafting the Look! We're about to start day one here at the @GSofA - follow the conference on the hashtag #CTL20…

23/04/14 9:41 GSAExhibitions (GSA Exhibitions):

via @Vimeo https://t.co/3mnwwqHJQV short video on Michael Stumpf's #GI2014 project @GSofA Show on until 4/5 http://t.co/IlBjCbc0dM

22/04/14 22:26 GSAExhibitions (GSA Exhibitions):

RT @paulzealey: The @Glasgow2014 #DigitalSprint competition has up to £30,000 to bring innovative digital media ideas to life http://t.co/q…

23/04/14 14:12 GSALibrary (GSA Library+Archives):

Only 2 lonesome books left hanging out of 126! A great day of giving away books at the GSA! http://t.co/eCYe9uswiu

23/04/14 12:29 GSALibrary (GSA Library+Archives):

Only a few copies left of @LindaSDrew's The Humans, a clear favourite in today's selection! #WorldBookNight http://t.co/z9BvENS7Uw

The Glasgow School of Art – CBI:

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International experts gather at the GSA for styling symposium, Crafting the Look:

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