23/06/17 14:30 GSofA (Glasgow School Art):

See Degree Show projects in London this weekend - Product Design and Communication Design

23/06/17 14:24 GSofA (Glasgow School Art):

RT @OneMinuteBriefs: Dropped into @roomtomanoeuvre exhibition and ended up doing some Live OMBs with @lucygrainge @GSofA…

10/06/17 20:19 GSAExhibitions (GSA Exhibitions):

RT @liamdcooke: Hot off the press! #Gargoyle issue 2 was on sale today at the @GSAExhibitions Degree Show. Will be available elsewhere soo…

08/06/17 10:33 GSAExhibitions (GSA Exhibitions):

Degree Show 2017 @GSofA opens to the public on 10 June at select venues. For more info, please follow link:…

21/06/17 12:02 GSALibrary (GSA Library+Archives):

#gsaarchives casual staff Brendan and Maria on how to re-home 400 textiles…

20/06/17 10:00 GSALibrary (GSA Library+Archives):

📷 Noël Paymal Lerebours, “Excursions daguerriennes. I-II: vues et monuments les plus remarquables du...